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Laurie Spencer
Ceramic Sculpture
Artist Statement

My work as a whole aims to create experiential works. In a world that can be very divisive, I look to make work that we can relate to as humans regardless of time or place.

Over time my work and interest has evolved in various areas one of which is in organic sound sculptures. Ceramic whistles are handbuilt into the design to create, soft subtle tones. I have explored various types of whistles including pre-Columbian water whistles and pitch-jump whistles and fire whistles. I am interested in using sound as the voice of the sculpture. It is a means of giving my pieces a sense of life. They are not meant as musical instruments but rather as organic "living" sensuous forms.

It was in response to the sound quality of the whistles that led my work in the direction of large scale clay domes. What began as a sound chamber to amplify the subtle tones of the whistles slowly evolved into huge site-specific clay structures built and fired on site.  I see the domes as a spiritual space. Like the whistles, they seem familiar yet unknown and cannot be placed in time or culture. They create an atmosphere of quiet contemplation. Sounds resonate in a wonderful way inside the domes and particular tones will vibrate within your body when you talk or hum. It creates a feeling of being enveloped by the sounds.

To hear some of the whistles go to:


Current work and projects can be found at www.facebook.com/LaurieSpencerCeramics


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